How to make Sushi at home? A beginner's guide

How to make Sushi at home? A beginner's guide

Making sushi at home is surprisingly simple. It’s fun to make your own rolls at home, so you can put all your favorite ingredients into your perfect custom roll and also, homemade is so much cheaper than restaurant. Here's what you'll need⤵️


1. Rice

2. Nori

3. Egg, cucumber, carrot etc (depends on your favorite)

Kitchen Equipements:

1. Chef's knife

2. Cutting board

3. Bamboo Rolling mat

Steps to make sushi:

1. Cook rice

The rice needs to be cooked 1 part rice to 1.5 part water. (can‘t be too soft)


2. Cut into strips

A sharp kitchen knife is needed to perform this. stack a few slabs of the rectangular pieces together before slicing them. 


3.Place nori on rolling mat

Place rolling mat on a table so that the bamboo strips and nori are running horizontally


4.Spread rice over the nori

Spread a thin layer of rice and leaving a small space at the top edge of the nori so that you can seal up the roll later


5.Add Ingredients

Add your ingredients toward the center of the rice-covered norI


6.Roll the Sushi

Gently lift the bottom of the mat up and over the sushi. Roll with pressure to make sure you get a firm roll.


7.Slice the Sushi Roll

To get a nice clean cut, wet the knife with water and Slice the sushi roll with a sharp knife on a cutting board


Once completed, you’re ready to eat the sushi rolls with some soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi paste, as desired!

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